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TR3, TR3A, TR3B Ashtray

We have one accessory ashtray available that will fit a TR3 TR3A and TR3B. The ashtray is not a new production Item. It is however in excellent condition. It appears that it may have been replated sometime in the recent past with quality workmanship. It has had the black end cover replaced with a faithfull reproduction of a durable hard plastic that you cannot tell is not the origional bakelite. If interested, please call 610-845-8217 or email us. $175.00.


4-speed core transmission

We currently have 4-speed core transmissions starting at $225 each for TR3, TR4, and TR6. Local pickup is preferred. No international sales, please.

5-speed transmission

This 5-speed transmission is from a 1979 Triumph TR7 which we are converting to a V6. The transmission shifted with no issues when we removed it from the car, which had 104,000 miles on it. $750 for the complete transmission. The engine is no longer available. Local pick-up only. No international sales. Please call with any questions.

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