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1974 Triumph TR6 Project

1974 TR6 Project for sale

The frame, body, engine and drive train are all original. The engine has been bored out 20 over and has new cam, pistons, bearings, rebuilt head, timing gear and chain. Basically the whole engine has been rebuilt.

The frame has been media blasted and repainted, The rear diff mount where stiffened up.

The body is really solid which is rare for this car. The owner is looking to sell the car as is and is asking $8000. 

Please email Tim at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can call to discuss at 610-520-6546 

1976 Triumph TR6

1976 Triumph TR6 that runs and drives well. The car has a new very nice carmine red exterior with a tan interior. Seats are in good condition while the balance of the interior is new. Carpets are in good condition. The wood dash has been replaced as have the seat belts. The car is driven regularly on weekends and kept in good driving condition. Body is in excellent condition. Frame is straight and solid and the floors have been replaced. Trunk is solid with a new trunk panel kit and floor carpet. Mechanically the car is sound. Engine starts easily and runs smooth. Transmission shifts nicely and brakes are in good working order. Exhaust and muffler are as new. Water pump has been replaced as well as the thermostat, heater valve and all green hoses. Convertible top is like new as is the boot cover. This is a very presentable driver quality car that is fun to drive. Fairly new red line tires with good tread. All gauges and electrics are working with new (rebuilt) starter and ring gear. Speedometer shows 67,150 miles.

More pictures are available by request. Asking $12,000.
Please contact Jim Arbuckle at 610.717.6609 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Black TR3 for sale

This is how the owner of the car has descibed it:

I started the restoration process by hiring the professionals at Triumph Rescue of Bally PA. The restoration was started from the bottom up. The chassis, suspension, transmission, engine are completely restored by them. We replaced the carpet and seats ourselves. There is over 30K in restoration work that's been completed in the past 6 years and the car has not been driven 300 miles in that time.  If your looking for a great car for the money this is it. The car has only 30K miles on it. As spring is here you can enjoy this automobile on those warm sunny days.  Car has a soft top and has been in the family since arriving in the United States in 1958.  We have the original warranty paper that came with the car.  Now is your chance to own a great vintage car.

Car is actually a 1957.  Because it was 1st registered in the United States in 1958, that is what it's titled as.  I also have some of the original paperwork that came with the car.    All offers considered.  Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Thanks

More pictures here:

TR3-Small Mouth_21

4-speed core transmission

We currently have 4-speed core transmissions starting at $225 each for TR3, TR4, and TR6. Local pickup is preferred. No international sales, please.

5-speed transmission

This 5-speed transmission is from a 1979 Triumph TR7 which we are converting to a V6. The transmission shifted with no issues when we removed it from the car, which had 104,000 miles on it. $750 for the complete transmission. The engine is no longer available. Local pick-up only. No international sales. Please call with any questions.


Wiring and Electrical

In case you did not already know, we are the people behind British Wiring. At our sister website, , we provide a huge selction of the finest wiring products and complete harnesses for British and select other Cars, Trucks and even some antique Farm equipment. We are the exclusive distributor for Autosparks products covering North America, Australia and Canada. We also manufacture a variety of specialty items for the collector car market. Please visit British Wiring when you are in the need for automotive electical products.


3 Way Isolated Bullet Connectors

We offer Concours quality reproductions of triple (3-way) Isolated Snap Connector Sleeve (Bullet Connectors). Not to be confused with a 3 way connector that allows 3 wires to contact each other. These are isolated to allow 3 separate circuits to be neatly channeled through one connector without crossing.
These are an absolutely neccessary part of any proper or Concours d'Elegance restoration for most early British cars such as Jaguar, Triumph, MG and many others. We manufacture these to the highest standards and are exclusively available though us at our specialty business, British Wiring. Others resell these, but we are the source. Only $5.00 each. click here to purchase.


Our Products

TR4 radio bracket

TR4 Radio Bracket $25.00 +shipping

This radio bracket is an exact copy of the original radio bracket that came in the TR4. It's made from the same heavy gauge steel and powder coated in black wrinkle finish as original. You could also attach this bracket on other cars so as to hang a radio from the dash.


 TR3 Radio Bracket parts

TR3 Radio Brackets $45.00 +shipping

These TR3 Radio Brackets are an exact copy of the radio bracket the dealer would install in your TR3 range of cars. All that is needed are a few 10/32 screws to fasten it together. It also comes with a copy of the Smiths Radiomobile instructions as the dealers would have gotten.


TR3-ETR6 caliper rebuild

TR3 through Early TR6 Front Caliper Rebuild Kits $22.95 +shipping

Kits include materials for rebuilding both front calipers on TR3 through early TR6 cars. Unlike many other kits on the market, these fit perfectly.



Battery Disconnect $11.95 +shipping

This is really the best insurance policy you could have for any older car. Very simple but works great.



Dan Masters TR250 - TR6 Electrical Handbook $34.95 +shipping

This book is truely indispensable, and no British car garage would be complete with out it. We all know the electrical systems can pose some special problems, this manual really spells things out in a way anyone can understand. Plus because the way the Brits wired the cars you can use this information to help fix alot of the cars, not just Triumph.


 4 cyl alternator kit


4 Cylinder Engine Alternator Kits $175.00 +shipping

Alternator kits come complete with everything needed to convert your TR3 thru TR4A. kits include all hardware needed to replace your old generator (bolts, washers, etc.), as well as a new alternator belt and a very detailed set of directions.Please choose your model from the dropdown menu before clicking "add to cart" (TR2,TR3,and TR4 are the same and TR4A is separate)

Click here for an instructional video.