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Upholstery Services

A TR6 Interior well underwayOur professional craftsman Brad has over 30 years of experience in the art of upholstery. At our facilities we can re-create or custom design to your specific needs. With a degree in Art he can literally draw up plans and designs based on your ideas and inspirations. Also, as a certified Master Carpenter he can produce solid and long lasting structures as well as fabulous finishes. We do all manner of upholstery from original or custom automotive interiors to antique and modern furniture.

antique chair_beforeantique chair_after
We can even create an item from scratch if you have a
need for something that has not yet been invented!
Our upholstery department is located on premises here at Triumph Rescue.

Brad Stitching Away custom car

Antique Couch Finished Intricately Patterned Classic Car Seat Restored